Taylor Knox calls the Zeus:

“A quick and loose all-around performance shortboard”.

Taylor’s personal board is: 6’0 x 11.78 x 19 x 14.67 x 2 1/2 and 29.6L

The bottom contours are very light single entry, to double concave through the fins, to concave vee exit.

The Zeus can be ridden as a squash, swallow or round pin in waves from waist to ceiling high. More of a tapered rail than Taylor’s past models including the Dagger and Ft Knox.

 zeus_deck zeus_bottom


EXPERIENCE: Intermediate to Expert

RIDE THIS BOARD: 1-2″ longer than your height

IDEAL WAVE SIZE: Recommended for waist to overhead

Hawaii Wave Info

DIAMOND HEAD:  1-2 ft.
WAIKIKI:  1-2 ft.
ALA MOANA:  1-2 ft.
SANDY BEACH:  1-2 ft.
MAKAPU'U:  1-2 ft.
NORTH BEACH:  1-2 ft.
EHUKA'I:  1-2 ft.
SUNSET:  1-2 ft.
WAIMEA:  1-2 ft.
ALI'I:  1-2 ft.
MAKAHA:  1-2 ft.
NANAKULI:  1-2 ft.
MAILI PT:  1-2 ft.
MAILI:  1-2 ft.
Last Update: 1470960