About us

Company Name Function Surf, Inc.
DBA Function Surf
Store address Hyatt Regency Waikiki 2F
2424 Kalakaua Avenue 207 Honolulu, HI 96815
Mailing address 2428 Koa Avenue Suite 101 Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 USA
Established December 16, 2002



Masa Okuzono

President & CEO

Aloha! My name is Masa! Founder of Function Surf. I was born in California and raised in Hawaii. If you have any questions regarding Channel Islands Surfboards, please feel free to ask me anything. I will help you in finding your next magic board! I also have a real estate license so feel free to ask me anything about real estate in Hawaii for free! Mahalo! 【English O / Japanese O】


Junya Ikeda


Hi! My name is Junya. I was born in Japan and raised in Hawaii. I've been working at Function Surf for over 10 years and I really enjoy working here! Our staff is very friendly and I love meeting people from all around the world. I usually work weekends so come and see me! 【English O / Japanese O】


Yoshie Sampaio

VP & Store Manager

Aloha! My name is Yoshie. Back in the day I used to surf and body board but now... not so much. My favorite beach is Walls, just a block from our store! Maybe I started to sell CI Surfboards about 20 years ago... So don't ask me my age... OK!! When there's surf, come to Function Surf! 【English O / Japanese O】


Toru Hitomi

Sales Manager

Aloha! This is Toru. I love surfing so I decided to move here to Hawaii. You can ask me anything! From surfboards, surf report, to even some surf points! I have found many ono restaurants here on the island so lets go eat & surf! 【English △ / Japanese O】


Riki Nozawa

Sales Supervisor

ALOHAAA, Rikis my name and I surf south shore everyday!! Born and raised here in Oahu. If I'm not at Function Surf you can most likely find me at the beach! I love shave ice! Lets go eat shave ice!【English O / Japanese O】


Jacinda Sampaio

Senior Sales Associate

Aloha〜♥ My name is Jacinda! I was born and raised in Oahu. I love to eat poke! You can find me chilling at Waikiki Beach or at Function Surf. Before you check out all the cool beaches our islands provides, stop by Function Surf to make sure you have all the essentials!!【English O / Japanese △】


Matheus Carrilho

Team Rider

Whats up !? I came all the way from Brazil to surf the warm waters and great waves of Hawaii. Nothing's better than surfing awesome waves with these awesome CI boards! Come surf with us!


Hawaii Wave Info

DIAMOND HEAD:  1-2 ft.
WAIKIKI:  1-2 ft.
ALA MOANA:  1-2 ft.
SANDY BEACH:  1-2 ft.
MAKAPU'U:  1-2 ft.
NORTH BEACH:  1-2 ft.
EHUKA'I:  1-2 ft.
SUNSET:  1-2 ft.
WAIMEA:  1-2 ft.
ALI'I:  1-2 ft.
MAKAHA:  1-2 ft.
NANAKULI:  1-2 ft.
MAILI PT:  1-2 ft.
MAILI:  1-2 ft.